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One of our most prized and popular fruits. Internal juicy flesh may range from creamy white to yellow and has a mix of sweet and tart taste with rich flavour. Each fruit measures up to 12 inches long and can weigh between 1 – 6 kilos. On the continent they are popularly called 'ananas'.

Size Price Qty
Each / Med/Large Size £2.25
Half Pineapple £1.30


Pineapple Facts

Fresh pineapple is low in calories and a storehouse of several unique health promoting compounds, minerals and vitamins 100 g fruit provides just about 50 calories equivalent to that of apples. Its flesh contains no saturated fats or cholesterol; however, it is rich source of soluble and insoluble dietary fibre. Pineapple fruit contains a proteolytic enzyme bromelain that digests food by breaking down protein and is sometimes used in marinades to tenderize tough meats.  Fresh pineapple is an excellent source of antioxidant vitamin; vitamin C. 100 g fruit contains 47.8 or 80% of this vitamin. It also contains small amount Vitamin A The fruit is also rich in B-complex group of vitamins .

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