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Peppers - Chilli

With their attractive brightly coloured, smooth, shiny skins, chillies range from mildly hot to scorchingly fiery.  Our standard variety is a 'BIrd's Eye' type chilli classified as medium hot. Popular as an everyday ingredient in a variety of cuisines, including Thai, Indian, Mexican and Chinese, chillies can add just a subtle flavour or a real kick to a wide selection of savoury dishes. 

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Peppers - Chilli Facts

As a general rule the smaller the chilli the hotter it is, but the colour is no guide to heat. The heat of the chilli comes from capsaicin, a type of oil, which is concentrated in the seeds and the white pith that surrounds the seeds, although it is present in the flesh too. They have little nutritional value as chillis are consumed in very small quality. However, capsaicin, the chemical which makes them ‘hot’ is a safe and effective topical analgesic agent shown to be useful in the management of arthritis pain and headaches.

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