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Salad Items

Fresh cut tender and delicate spears. Top grade.

Order Asparagus Online

Imported. Ideal for use in both savoury and sweet dishes. For home...

Order Avocado Online

Beetroot - cooked
Vacuum packed. 290gm Small baby beets cooked to perfection. Sealed...

Order Beetroot - cooked Online

Beetroot - fresh
NEW CROP! Locally grown medium sized beets for home cooking.

Order Beetroot - fresh Online

Cabbage - Chinese Leaf
Imported. Crunchy texture. Essential ingredient in many asian recipes

Order Cabbage - Chinese Leaf Online

Imported. A versatile vegetable with a great crunchy texture

Order Celery Online

Coleslaw Mix
A classic mix of grated cabbage and carrot ready for use.

Order Coleslaw Mix Online

Supplied half or whole. A top quality cucumber for any use.

Order Cucumber Online

Fennel - Florence
Sweet with an anise-like flavour. Great raw in salads or as a cooked...

Order Fennel - Florence Online

Herbs - Fresh Chives
Ideal garnish or subtle flavouring.

Order Herbs - Fresh Chives Online

Herbs - Fresh Coriander
Locally grown. Essential ingredient in many oriental recipes.

Order Herbs - Fresh Coriander Online

Herbs - Fresh Mint
Potgrown or pillow pack. Perfect for mint sauce and adding to continental...

Order Herbs - Fresh Mint Online

Herbs - Fresh Parsley
Locally grown. A kichen essential. Available as cut bunch or windowsill...

Order Herbs - Fresh Parsley Online

Herbs - Fresh Rocket
Locally grown and packed. Ideal as a garnish or salad ingredient

Order Herbs - Fresh Rocket Online

Lettuce - Butterhead
Traditonal soft-leaved 'butterhead' variety

Order Lettuce - Butterhead Online

Lettuce - Cos
Crunchy texture with slightly bitter outer leaves, sweeter on the...

Order Lettuce - Cos Online

Lettuce - Little Gem
Sold in packs of 2's of freshly harvested heads. Deliciously different!.

Order Lettuce - Little Gem Online

Lettuce - Lollo Biondi
The all-green version of the more usual 'Rosso'

Order Lettuce - Lollo Biondi Online

Lettuce - Lollo Rosso
A popular and nutritional loose leaf lettuce

Order Lettuce - Lollo Rosso Online

Lettuce - Oak Leaf
A loose leaft lettuce available as either green or red.

Order Lettuce - Oak Leaf Online

Mixed Salad Leaves
Locally grown and imported. Our own blend of mixed leaves.

Order Mixed Salad Leaves Online

Onion - red
Imported or locally grown. Top quality deep red onions. Ideal for...

Order Onion - red Online

Onion - Spring
long straight 'bunching' onions, mild flavoured. Pure white tips.

Order Onion - Spring Online

Pea Shoots (Locally Grown)
Amazing taste! Full of nutrients

Order Pea Shoots (Locally Grown) Online

Peppers - Chilli
Medium hot red or green chilli peppers.

Order Peppers - Chilli Online

Peppers - Sweet
Imported or local. Bright skinned red, green, yellow or orange. Top...

Order Peppers - Sweet Online

Crunchy radish with peppery flavour. Sold In bunches

Order Radish Online

Locally grown. Top quality. Highly nutritional and often underated.

Order Spinach Online

Sweetcorn - baby
Imported. An asian cooking essential - top quality baby corn. Very...

Order Sweetcorn - baby Online

Tomato - Beefsteak
Meaty large tomatoes. Sold pre-packed or as each

Order Tomato - Beefsteak Online

Tomato - Cherry
Bite-size, sweet and juicy, ideal for use in salads or garnish

Order Tomato - Cherry Online

Pre-packed or on the vine. Grade A.

Order Tomatoes Online

Tomatoes - On the Vine
Ripened 'on the vine' giving excellent flavour.

Order Tomatoes - On the Vine Online

Tomatoes Cherry Vine
Cherry Vine Tomatoes . Locally grown

Order Tomatoes Cherry Vine Online

Fresh cut bunches of nutritious local watercress ready for use.

Order Watercress Online

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