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Meat & Fish

Cold Meats - Parma Ham
Pre-pack. Quality genuine Italian Parma Ham (proscuitto) thin-sliced...

Order Cold Meats - Parma Ham Online

Cold Meats - Sliced Chorizo
Pre-pack. Excellent Spanish-style, smoked, spicy chorizo simply oozing...

Order Cold Meats - Sliced Chorizo Online

Cold Meats - Sliced Ham
Pre-pack. A good value traditional style cooked ham, thin sliced...

Order Cold Meats - Sliced Ham Online

Cold Meats - Sliced Salami
Pre-pack. A well-flavoured pre-sliced salami of exceptional quality....

Order Cold Meats - Sliced Salami Online

Cold Meats - Sliced Turkey
Pre-pack. Thin slices of cooked turkey breast sliced ready for use....

Order Cold Meats - Sliced Turkey Online

Fish - Bass fillets x 2
Pack of 2 delicious bass fillets (frozen)

Order Fish - Bass fillets x 2 Online

Fish - Cod (Frozen)
Sustainably caught cod, frozen from fresh

Order Fish - Cod (Frozen) Online

Fish - Greenland Prawns (Frozen)
Popular and tasty frozen prawns

Order Fish - Greenland Prawns (Frozen) Online

Fish - Local scallops (frozen)
Locally caught scallops (frozen) with a generous lump of garlic butter.

Order Fish - Local scallops (frozen) Online

Fish - Plaice Fillets (Frozen)
Locally caught plaice fillets

Order Fish - Plaice Fillets (Frozen) Online

Fish - Scottish smoked Salmon
Top quality wafer-thin sliced Scottish smoked salmon

Order Fish - Scottish smoked Salmon Online

Fish - Tuna Steak (Frozen)
Top quality rich red tuna steaks. Healthy eating!

Order Fish - Tuna Steak (Frozen) Online

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