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A Lucas Bros - Best Value Vegetable Box
Local & Imported. Selection of 'best value' seasonal vegetables,...

Order A Lucas Bros - Best Value Vegetable Box Online

A Lucas Bros - Juice-it-Yourself bag
A bag of goodies to juice yourself

Order A Lucas Bros - Juice-it-Yourself bag Online

A Lucas Bros - Ready Steady Cook Box
A great selection of fruit & veg

Order A Lucas Bros - Ready Steady Cook Box Online

A Lucas Bros - Seasonal Fruit Box
Imported. Selection of seasonal fruits specially chosen for quality....

Order A Lucas Bros - Seasonal Fruit Box Online

A Lucas Bros - Super Juice Diet
Super Juice Diet Ingredients (Jason Vale). Specially selected by...

Order A Lucas Bros - Super Juice Diet Online

Bakery - Multigrain Cereal Loaf
Super healthly and nutritious - with a fabulous texture and taste

Order Bakery - Multigrain Cereal Loaf Online

Imported. Natures own little nutritional capsules bursting with flavour!

Order Blueberries Online

Broccoli - Calabrese
Top quality, freshly cut and packed, large heads.

Order Broccoli - Calabrese Online

Locally grown or imported Washed and bagged Grade A 500gm and 1 kilo...

Order Carrots Online

Carrots - bunched
Freshly 'pulled' super-sweet carrots sold with foliage intact.

Order Carrots - bunched Online

Supplied half or whole. A top quality cucumber for any use.

Order Cucumber Online

Imported or locally produced. Fresh farm eggs. Grade A. Free range...

Order Eggs Online

Fish - Bass fillets x 2
Pack of 2 delicious bass fillets (frozen)

Order Fish - Bass fillets x 2 Online

Fish - Cod (Frozen)
Sustainably caught cod, frozen from fresh

Order Fish - Cod (Frozen) Online

Fish - Plaice Fillets (Frozen)
Locally caught plaice fillets

Order Fish - Plaice Fillets (Frozen) Online

Fish - Smoked Haddock (Frozen)
Delicately smoked with a crumbly, yet firm, flesh.

Order Fish - Smoked Haddock (Frozen) Online

Fish - Tuna Steak (Frozen)
Top quality rich red tuna steaks. Healthy eating!

Order Fish - Tuna Steak (Frozen) Online

Mixed Salad Leaves
Locally grown and imported. Our own blend of mixed leaves.

Order Mixed Salad Leaves Online

Onion - cooking
Grade A medium sized onions. A kitchen essential.

Order Onion - cooking Online

Onion - red
Imported or locally grown. Top quality deep red onions. Ideal for...

Order Onion - red Online

Oranges - Medium
Imported. Always popular and packed with vitamin C. Sweet and juicy!

Order Oranges - Medium Online

Imported. Juicy, sweet and ready to eat. Variety supplied subject...

Order Plums Online

Locally grown. Top quality. Highly nutritional and often underated.

Order Spinach Online

Spring Water - Cristaline
Characterized by a smooth and refreshing taste, available natural...

Order Spring Water - Cristaline Online

Served with cream what could be better?

Order Strawberries Online

Tomato - Cherry
Bite-size, sweet and juicy, ideal for use in salads or garnish

Order Tomato - Cherry Online

Pre-packed or on the vine. Grade A.

Order Tomatoes Online

Tomatoes Plum Cherry
Tomatoes Plum Cherry .

Order Tomatoes Plum Cherry Online

The taste of summer. Ultra juicy and refreshing - also surprisingly...

Order Watermelon Online

Flowerbox Jersey

Love Wine Jersey

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Jersey Royals (Outdoor)
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Tomatoes - On the Vine
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