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Grocery & Bakery

Bakery - Bread Roll
Fresh Baked. Great value crusty rolls locally baked and delivered...

Order Bakery - Bread Roll Online

Bakery - Cabbage Loaf
Mmmmm. Traditional Jersey loaf that smells and tastes - delicious!

Order Bakery - Cabbage Loaf Online

Bakery - Cherry Danish
Delicious - and so moreish. Danish pastry at its best!

Order Bakery - Cherry Danish Online

Bakery - Croissant
Fresh-baked. Wonderfully buttery croissants baked and supplied daily

Order Bakery - Croissant Online

Bakery - Croissant Chocolate x 1
Locally baked. Simply delicious, buttery and chocolatty, what is...

Order Bakery - Croissant Chocolate x 1 Online

Bakery - Mince Pies
Fruity, crumbly mince pies, a Christmas classic. Choice of pastry...

Order Bakery - Mince Pies Online

Bakery - Multigrain Cereal Loaf
Super healthly and nutritious - with a fabulous texture and taste

Order Bakery - Multigrain Cereal Loaf Online

Bakery - Poppy Seed Loaf
Simply a delicious fresh-baked crusty loaf with poppy seeds.

Order Bakery - Poppy Seed Loaf Online

Bakery - Sliced Bread (Vienna)
Fresh-baked daily. A great sliced loaf, locally baked and supplied...

Order Bakery - Sliced Bread (Vienna) Online

Butter - Jersey Dairy
Butter at its very best - and creamiest!

Order Butter - Jersey Dairy Online

Butter Spreadable - Jersey Dairy
Genuine jersey spreadable butter

Order Butter Spreadable - Jersey Dairy Online

Cheddar Cheese - Jersey Dairy
Real Jersey cheese made from real Jersey milk

Order Cheddar Cheese - Jersey Dairy Online

Chilli Jam
Tongue-tinglingly tasty!

Order Chilli Jam Online

Chocolates - Lindor
Beautiful chocolates for every occasion. Indulgent! Go on, spoil...

Order Chocolates - Lindor Online

Chutneys - Lucas
Why not try our high quality 'own label' chutneys. They're exceptionally...

Order Chutneys - Lucas Online

Dates In A Pack
Boxed Eat-Me Dates. Sweet, sticky and delicious! Taste of Christmas!

Order Dates In A Pack Online

Eggs Jersey (Hampton)
Imported or locally produced. Fresh farm eggs. Grade A. Free range...

Order Eggs Jersey (Hampton) Online

Fruit Curds - Lucas Bros
Tasty fruit curds in various flavours

Order Fruit Curds - Lucas Bros Online

Jams & Preserves - Lucas Bros
A delicious selection of jams and preserves

Order Jams & Preserves - Lucas Bros Online

Kettle Chips
Lightly salted.

Order Kettle Chips Online

Layer Figs
The taste of Christmas - superb dried layer figs. Produce of Turkey

Order Layer Figs Online

Marmalades - Lucas Bros
Selection of mouth-watering marmalades!

Order Marmalades - Lucas Bros Online

Milk - Jersey Dairy
Jersey Milk. An essential for everyone. Full range available here

Order Milk - Jersey Dairy Online

Mrs Crimbles Stem Ginger Cake
Contains pieces of real stem ginger

Order Mrs Crimbles Stem Ginger Cake Online

Onions - pickles
Silverskin or sweet onions packed in vinegar tinged with spice. Excellent!

Order Onions - pickles Online

Pip Organic Drinks - Pineapple & Mango
100% Organic drinks - ideal for lunchboxes

Order Pip Organic Drinks - Pineapple & Mango Online

Pip Organic Drinks - Strawberry & Blackcurrant
100% Easy to drink pack, ideal for lunchboxes

Order Pip Organic Drinks - Strawberry & Blackcurrant Online

Soft Drinks - cans
All the most popular soft drinks including Coke, Fanta and Sprite

Order Soft Drinks - cans Online

Spring Water - Cristaline
Characterized by a smooth and refreshing taste, available natural...

Order Spring Water - Cristaline Online

Yoghurts - Jersey Dairy
Delicious range of yoghurts from Jersey Dairy

Order Yoghurts - Jersey Dairy Online

Flowerbox Jersey

Love Wine Jersey

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