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A Lucas Bros - Seasonal Fruit Box
Imported. Selection of seasonal fruits specially chosen for quality....

Order A Lucas Bros - Seasonal Fruit Box Online

Apple - Braeburn.
Imported. A quality dessert apple with a crunchy texture. Juicy too!...

Order Apple  - Braeburn. Online

Apple - Bramley
Imported or locally grown according to season. The No.1 cooker with...

Order Apple - Bramley Online

Apple - Cox (small)
Probably the most popular dessert apple as very little compares in...

Order Apple - Cox  (small) Online

Apple - Gala
Imported. A lovely thin-skinned dessert apple. Sweet and juicy. Great...

Order Apple - Gala Online

Apple - Golden Delicious
Imported. Very sweet and currently our most popular variety of dessert...

Order Apple - Golden Delicious Online

Apple - Granny Smith
Imported. A dual purpose apple good for dessert eating or for cooking....

Order Apple - Granny Smith Online

Apple - Pink Lady ®
Imported. Seasonal. Top quality eating apple. Sweet, juicy and full...

Order Apple - Pink Lady ® Online

Apple - Red Delicious
Crunchy with a sweet favour - a great snacking apple.

Order Apple - Red Delicious Online

Imported. Ideal for use in both savoury and sweet dishes. For home...

Order Avocado Online

Caribbean produce. Supplied hands or as loose 'economy pack' of 10.

Order Bananas Online

Imported. Natures own little nutritional capsules bursting with flavour!

Order Blueberries Online

Imported. A veritable food powerhouse with many uses around the kitchen

Order Coconut Online

Grapefruit - Pink
Imported. Top quality pink grapefruit. Very juicy, sweeter than white...

Order Grapefruit - Pink Online

Grapefruit - White
Imported. Fresh, tangy and wonderfully juicy Grade A fruits

Order Grapefruit - White Online

Grapes - Black Seedless/Seeded
Imported. Supplied seedless and seeded when available. Large juicy...

Order Grapes - Black Seedless/Seeded Online

Grapes - White seedless
Imported. Thin-skinned, succulent, sweet and and seedless. A great...

Order Grapes - White seedless Online

Kiwi Fruit
Imported. Grade A fruits supplied in peak condition ready for eating!

Order Kiwi Fruit Online

Imported. Grade A. Almost a kitchen essential at the heart of many...

Order Lemons Online

Imported. An essential ingredient in a lot of asian and oriental...

Order Limes Online

Mango (Ready to Eat)
Imported. A tropical delight now available almost year round. Exceptionally...

Order Mango (Ready to Eat) Online

Melon - Galia
Imported. Lucious, aromatic with a smooth juicy flesh when fully...

Order Melon - Galia Online

Melon - Honeydew
Imported. Our most popular melon. Available almost year round.

Order Melon - Honeydew Online

Oranges - Large
Large juicy oranges

Order Oranges - Large Online

Oranges - Medium
Imported. Always popular and packed with vitamin C. Sweet and juicy!

Order Oranges - Medium Online

Passion Fruit
Imported. A unique fruit with a unique tangy flavour. Unusual but...

Order Passion Fruit Online

Pears - Conference
Imported or locally grown. Top quality fruits for home ripening.

Order Pears - Conference Online

Pears - Williams'
Imported. Grade A. Variety according to season and availability.

Order Pears - Williams' Online

Imported. Sweet, tangy and juicy from the worlds top producing countries.

Order Pineapple Online

Imported. Juicy, sweet and ready to eat. Variety supplied subject...

Order Plums Online

Imported. Packed full of sweet jewel-like sacs of juice. Delicious...

Order Pomegranate Online

Great flavoured berries, wonderfully sweet and intense. Gorgeous!

Order Raspberries Online

Imported. Sweet, and easy to peel,

Order Satsuma Online

Served with cream what could be better?

Order Strawberries Online

The taste of summer. Ultra juicy and refreshing - also surprisingly...

Order Watermelon Online

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