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Apple Sauce - Lucas Bros
Top quality apple sauce

Order Apple Sauce - Lucas Bros Online

Bakery - Mince Pies
Fruity, crumbly mince pies, a Christmas classic. Choice of pastry...

Order Bakery - Mince Pies Online

Brussels Sprouts
Locally grown. New seasons crop of lovely small, compact sprouts.

Order Brussels Sprouts Online

Cabbage - red
Locally grown. Crisp, dense heads sold either whole or half.

Order Cabbage - red Online

Cheddar Cheese - Jersey Dairy
Real Jersey cheese made from real Jersey milk

Order Cheddar Cheese - Jersey Dairy Online

Chocolates - Lindor
Beautiful chocolates for every occasion. Indulgent! Go on, spoil...

Order Chocolates - Lindor Online

Christmas Tree - Nordman Fir Cut Grade 1
'Needle holding’ firs, choice of heights.

Order Christmas Tree - Nordman Fir Cut Grade 1 Online

Chutneys - Lucas
Why not try our high quality 'own label' chutneys. They're exceptionally...

Order Chutneys - Lucas Online

Imported. Ever popular, sweet and juicy fruits. Grade A.

Order Clementines Online

Coleslaw Mix
A classic mix of grated cabbage and carrot ready for use.

Order Coleslaw Mix Online

Dates In A Pack
Boxed Eat-Me Dates. Sweet, sticky and delicious! Taste of Christmas!

Order Dates In A Pack Online

Fire Logs
Local Split logs ideal for open fires or barbecues

Order Fire Logs Online

Grapes - Black Seedless/Seeded
Imported. Supplied seedless and seeded when available. Large juicy...

Order Grapes - Black Seedless/Seeded Online

Grapes - White seedless
Imported. Thin-skinned, succulent, sweet and and seedless. A great...

Order Grapes - White seedless Online

Jersey Dairy Cream
Jersey dairy cream

Order Jersey Dairy Cream Online

Layer Figs
The taste of Christmas - superb dried layer figs. Produce of Turkey

Order Layer Figs Online

Lucas Bros Prepared Vegetables
Too busy? Short of time? Ready prepared vegetables!

Order Lucas Bros Prepared Vegetables Online

Melon - Charentais
Sumptious orange flesh similar to cantaloupe, the king of melons.

Order Melon - Charentais Online

Melon - Honeydew
Imported. Our most popular melon. Available almost year round.

Order Melon - Honeydew Online

Milk - Jersey Dairy
Jersey Milk. An essential for everyone. Full range available here

Order Milk - Jersey Dairy Online

Onion - Shallots
Locally grown or imported. mild, delicate onion flavour. Top quality.

Order Onion - Shallots Online

Parsnip - Large
Locally grown or imported. White creamy-textured young parsnips....

Order Parsnip - Large Online

Potato - Whites Maris Piper
Locally Grown. Selected varieties for multi-purpose use. Choice of...

Order Potato - Whites Maris Piper Online

Great flavoured berries, wonderfully sweet and intense. Gorgeous!

Order Raspberries Online

Imported. Sweet, and easy to peel,

Order Satsuma Online

Soft Drinks - cans
All the most popular soft drinks including Coke, Fanta and Sprite

Order Soft Drinks - cans Online

Top quality, medium size half or whole, Sweet and tender

Order Swede Online

Flowerbox Jersey

Love Wine Jersey

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