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A Lucas Bros - Best Value Vegetable Box
Local & Imported. Selection of 'best value' seasonal vegetables,...

Order A Lucas Bros - Best Value Vegetable Box Online

A Lucas Bros - Genuine Jersey Vegetable Box
All local products. Selection of seasonal salads and vegs.

Order A Lucas Bros - Genuine Jersey Vegetable Box Online

A Lucas Bros - Juice-it-Yourself bag
A bag of goodies to juice yourself

Order A Lucas Bros - Juice-it-Yourself bag Online

A Lucas Bros - Ready Steady Cook Box
A great selection of fruit & veg

Order A Lucas Bros - Ready Steady Cook Box Online

A Lucas Bros - Seasonal Fruit Box
Imported. Selection of seasonal fruits specially chosen for quality....

Order A Lucas Bros - Seasonal Fruit Box Online

A Lucas Bros - Super Juice Diet
Super Juice Diet Ingredients (Jason Vale). Specially selected by...

Order A Lucas Bros - Super Juice Diet Online

Bakery - Multigrain Cereal Loaf
Super healthly and nutritious - with a fabulous texture and taste

Order Bakery - Multigrain Cereal Loaf Online

Imported. Natures own little nutritional capsules bursting with flavour!

Order Blueberries Online

Supplied half or whole. A top quality cucumber for any use.

Order Cucumber Online

Dried Fruit - Diced Papaya
Gluten free & vegan tasty snack

Order Dried Fruit - Diced Papaya Online

Dried Fruit - Fruit & Nut mix
Suma brand fruit & nut mix

Order Dried Fruit - Fruit & Nut mix Online

Dried Fruit - Fruit salad
Suma dried fruit salad

Order Dried Fruit - Fruit salad Online

Dried Fruit - Organic Raisins
Ideal for snacks, lunch boxes and baking.

Order Dried Fruit - Organic Raisins Online

Dried Fruit - Super 4U Berry Mix
Healthy gluten-free snack

Order Dried Fruit - Super 4U Berry Mix Online

Imported or locally produced. Fresh farm eggs. Grade A. Free range...

Order Eggs Online

Lucas Bros Juices
Healthy freshly-made delicious juices

Order Lucas Bros Juices Online

Melon - Honeydew
Imported. Our most popular melon. Available almost year round.

Order Melon - Honeydew Online

Milk - Classic Herd
Classic Herd. Milk straight from the farm.

Order Milk - Classic Herd Online

Mixed Salad Leaves
Locally grown and imported. Our own blend of mixed leaves.

Order Mixed Salad Leaves Online

Nuts -Organic Medium Brazils
Organic brazil nuts - so tasty!

Order Nuts -Organic  Medium Brazils Online

Onion - red
Imported or locally grown. Top quality deep red onions. Ideal for...

Order Onion - red Online

Oranges - Medium
Imported. Always popular and packed with vitamin C. Sweet and juicy!

Order Oranges - Medium Online

Organic Biona sweet chilli sauce
Add some cheeky chilli to your meal!

Order Organic Biona sweet chilli sauce Online

Organic Bolognese pasta sauce
Suma organics Bolognese sauce

Order Organic Bolognese pasta sauce Online

Organic Borlotti Beans
Gluten free, no salt or sugar

Order Organic Borlotti Beans Online

Organic Butter Beans
Suma Organic Butter Beans. No added sugar or salt.

Order Organic Butter Beans Online

Organic cannellini beans
Suma brand cannellini beans

Order Organic cannellini beans Online

Organic Classic Bolognese Pasta Sauce
Classic Bolognese sauce. Suitable for vegetarians.

Order Organic Classic Bolognese Pasta Sauce Online

Organic Desiccated Coconut
Suma brand Organic desiccated coconut

Order Organic Desiccated Coconut Online

Organic Haricot Beans
Tineed haricot beans - add them to your storecupboard!

Order Organic Haricot Beans Online

Organic Napoletana Pasta Sauce
Suma Organic Napoletana Sauce - with a touch of chilli.

Order Organic Napoletana Pasta Sauce Online

Organic Tomato & Basil pasta sauce
Organic tomato & basil pasta sauce

Order Organic Tomato & Basil pasta sauce Online

Organic White Spaghetti
Tasty and healthy spaghetti

Order Organic White Spaghetti Online

Organic Wholewheat Fusilli
Suma brand wholewheat fusilli

Order Organic Wholewheat Fusilli Online

Organic wholewheat spaghetti
Suma brand organic wholewheat spaghetti

Order Organic wholewheat spaghetti Online

Pea Shoots (Locally Grown)
Amazing taste! Full of nutrients

Order Pea Shoots (Locally Grown) Online

Imported. Juicy, sweet and ready to eat. Variety supplied subject...

Order Plums Online

Pure Jersey Honey
Simply pure honey, made by Jersey bees, from nectar from Jersey flowers!

Order Pure Jersey Honey Online

Seeds - Organic Sesame
Tasty organic sesame seeds

Order Seeds - Organic Sesame Online

Locally grown. Top quality. Highly nutritional and often underated.

Order Spinach Online

Spring Water - Cristaline
Characterized by a smooth and refreshing taste, available natural...

Order Spring Water - Cristaline Online

Strawberries (Jersey)
Served with cream what could be better?

Order Strawberries (Jersey) Online

Tomato - Cherry
Bite-size, sweet and juicy, ideal for use in salads or garnish

Order Tomato - Cherry Online

Pre-packed or on the vine. Grade A.

Order Tomatoes Online

Tomatoes Cherry Vine
Cherry Vine Tomatoes . Locally grown

Order Tomatoes Cherry Vine Online

Tomatoes Plum Cherry
Tomatoes Plum Cherry .

Order Tomatoes Plum Cherry Online

Fresh cut bunches of nutritious local watercress ready for use.

Order Watercress Online

The taste of summer. Ultra juicy and refreshing - also surprisingly...

Order Watermelon Online

Flowerbox Jersey

Love Wine Jersey

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